Project Planning

Assist owners in selecting suitable architect.
To provide important inputs to architect for designing as per desired standards.
Incorporate changes wherever necessary for better utilization of areas for maximizing revenue.
Assist owners in selecting suitable technical consultant for various engineering services.
To specify the scope of the work of the consultant and provide valuable input for panning the services.
To approve all the technical service drawings of the consultant and incorporate changes whichever necessary for better efficiency and lower capital cost.
To assist owners in selecting suitable interior designer and provide desired inputs for designing.
To approve all the interior drawings and incorporate changes wherever necessary.
To assist owners in selecting contractors and supplies for various services.
Review the progress with consultants, designers and contractors.
Periodic site visits for technical audit.

To recommend plant and machinery for various engineering service and equipments for laundry, kitchen, housekeeping, and back office operation.

Assist owners to select suitable interior designer who had past experience with hotel interior designing.
To provide basic input to the designer.
To approve all the drawings and incorporate changes wherever necessary.

To assist owners to selecting the contractors for executing the jobs for civil work, Electrical work, plumbing and heating work, air conditioning and refrigeration works, interior work, landscaping work.
To assist the owners in selecting the manufacturer for plant and machinery, kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, housekeeping equipment etc.
To assist the project team for timely completion of the project.